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Verdure Xchange Tech Inc.
Asustor Launches AS-7 Series NAS PDF Print

ASUSTOR Inc., a leading innovator and provider of network storage solutions, has announced the launch of two powerful new NAS devices, the AS7008T and AS7010T which are designed for both enterprise and multimedia use. The AS7008T and AS7010T are the newest offerings in ASUSTOR's new 70 Series. Both models come equipped with powerful Intel® Core i3-4330 3.5GHz dual-core processors and 2GB of built-in SO-DIMM DDR3 memory that can be expanded up to a maximum of 16GB.Furthermore, both also come with 3 USB 3.0 ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports and 2 eSATA ports allowing users to flexibly incorporate the use of different accessory devices. In addition to dual gigabit Ethernet ports, the AS7008T and AS7010T are also equipped with a 10GbE network card expansion slot, allowing for flexible expansion in demanding enterprise environments that require greater access speeds and productivity.


ASUSTOR's 70 Series devices also adopt the HDMI port and infrared receiver from previous ASUSTOR models and further incorporate a S/PDIF port that provides high fidelity optical output for unmatched listening experiences. Users can pair their NAS with 4K ultra high definition monitors and multi-channel surround sound for a luxurious and immersive entertainment experience.


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QNAP Releases Virtualization Station PDF Print

QNAP Releases Virtualization Station Enabling Running Multiple OS on Turbo NAS


virtualizationVS PR 536x350

QNAP® Systems, Inc. today announced the availability of Virtualization Station: an industry-leading integrated virtualization operating platform that empowers the Turbo NAS to host multiple virtual machines (VMs). With a simple & centralized management interface, it is easy for anyone to create and run multiple VMs on a single Turbo NAS.


Verdure Xchange Tech Carries Asustor NAS PDF Print

thinlogo  Verdure Xchange Tech Inc. now carries Asustor Network Attached Storage (NAS), putting the company one-step forward as a storage-centric provider.  Asustor is known for its innovation that merges hardware and software into a great user experience.  Each Asustor NAS comes with simplified management system and true multitasking capability.


001 User Interface

As a home entertainment E series, the Asustor NAS comes with HDMI 1.4a output with an infrared remote controller.  Apple iOS and Android users will be delighted with the vast of applications that uses your smartphone to access the Asustor NAS.

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QNAP TS-1269U-RP Macworld Editors Choice PDF Print

PC Pro - Recommended - A-List: QNAP TS-870U-RP PDF Print

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