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PC Pro - Recommended - A-List: QNAP TS-870U-RP PDF Print

pcpro awards qnap

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Ask the Expert: GeForce GTX 660 SLI or Radeon HD 7950 PDF Print


Excerpt from TweakTown...


Ask the Experts Question: Should I go for GeForce GTX 660's in SLI or a single Radeon HD 7950?

Answer: I would definitely suggest a single-GPU solution, as they always work out best........Sure, SLI is awesome - two GPU's is always cool, but a single higher-end GPU will outperform two mid-range GPU's. This comes down to scaling in SLI (as well as CrossFire) where both cards might not be running at 100%, which defeats the purpose if they're both sitting at 60-70% each. A single GPU will max out at 100% virtually the entire time, meaning you're getting much better value for money.


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X-Mini Radio Ads in Singapore PDF Print

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